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Halloween Dream

October 21, 2013


It’s been a few years since I dressed up for Halloween, which is a real shame because I love an excuse to play dress-up! You might remember my post about dressing up as Faye Dunaway’s Bonnie and in recent years I’ve also been Janet from Three’s Company, a stepford wife, and Amy Winehouse. As my history shows, I’m not always concerned with finding the sexiest costume.  As a stylist, it’s so much more fun for me to transform into a character and as I plan for the impending holiday in just a little more than a week, I’m looking to film once again as a source of inspiration. Here are a few ideas I’ve had that I’ll share with all of you! I always try to think of costumes I can create without spending much money, and I often utilize my neighborhood thrift stores. It’s so much cheaper and more authentic looking than buying a ready-made one. I also like any reason to wear a wig so costumes that involve one are always extra appealing to me! Again, you don’t need to spend a lot; you can cut, style, or dye/paint a basic wig to get it closer to the look you need. Along with my list below, I’ve outlined what essentials each character would need.  I hope you’re inspired by these ideas and have a fun, safe, and creative Halloween!

Dawn Wiener


I have wanted to be Dawn, the main character in Welcome to the Dollhouse for so long now but have yet to have it come to fruition. If I can find the perfect ensemble at my favorite local vintage store, it’s totally on this year. I’m looking for:

-giant ball hair tie

-cropped peasant top

-bright colored pedal pushers

-thick glasses

Then I’ll make sure I have this move down by heart.

Spring Breakers chick



So…about what I said about not liking sexy costumes. The revealing aspect of this one is the least interesting part it. Moreso I was just so obsessed with this movie and the iconic, totally memorable  moments and characters it had. To totally nail it, you’d need:


-great abs/butt (optional)

-high top sneakers

-pink ski mask

-iron-on unicorn patch

-fake shotgun (optional)

-knowing all the words to Britney’s “Everytime” (please see below)

Annie Hall

Annie Hall + Diane Keaton + menswear 6


A quintessential character when you talk about influential wardrobe in film. This one’s easy but try to find pieces  that feel 1970’s or you could end up looking like any girl in boy drag. Look for:

-a great felt hat. Specifically, Annie’s had a wider brim and a rounded top

-wide legged pants

-white button down shirt


-fitted vest

Little Edie



If you’ve seen Grey Gardens, you know how chock-full of fashion opportunities it is in terms of Halloween costumes. Little Edie was an unorthodox fashion icon with a chic-ness that defied her dilapidated surroundings. There are so many versions of Edie, but in my opinion the best has:

-a head wrap/shirt-over-head

-a fur coat

-turtleneck top

-makeshift short skirt (showing a good amount of leg)

Here just take advice straight from the horse’s mouth…

Cher Horowitz 

clueless 6


She may have been “a virgin who can’t drive,” but Cher has also become iconic for her 1990’s Contempo Casuals style. In fact, Katy Perry is (badly) ripping it off as we speak. Don’t worry about copying Cher’s exact yellow plaid suit and focus on nabbing these items to really get her essence:

-white thigh-highs

-mary janes

-short plaid or argyle skirt

-fuzzy cropped sweater or sweater vest over button down shirt

-flip phone (optional)

Alabama Whitman


Patricia Arquette’s character in True Romance is a natural choice. Her look was so fun and distinctive! Plus I would need a wig for this one! Bonus! So many fun pieces but I’d focus on:

-leopard leggings

-super wide belt

-bright colored bra (no top over it)

-bright colored sunglasses

-bright colored heels

-red lipstick

-cigarette (optional)

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