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Getting Inspired…

August 3, 2013


Not everyone takes the opportunity to do something creative on a regular basis, and certainly I’ve gone through periods where I wasn’t prioritizing it high enough. This is why I’m so thankful to some new friends I’ve made who not only give me such opportunities, but whose own creative endeavors and talents have been keeping me totally inspired. My ladies at Bunch Magazine (for which I write and style) recently introduced me to a group called Inspired Women of LA, founded by local photographer Megan McIssac, which meets up to network and share ideas and creative energies. I have met so many talented ladies through this group who I’ve been lucky enough to work with lately on some really exciting projects! It’s been so fulfilling and I just have to share with you all! Here are some pictures from IWOLA’s second meeting at the newly reopened (and stunning!) new Echo Park Lake where we ate Fonuts, drank rosé wine out of jam jars, shared stories, and took about a zillion photos. The other photos are from two shoots I’ve styled (working alongside some ladies I’ve met through this circle), both of which featured clothing by amazing LA-based designer Jill Aiko Yee. The first was for Bunch (see the final product here)  and we worked with badass photographer Shanna Fisher and used energetic model/entrepreneur Jennifer Puno,  and the second, for Jill’s own press images, had Lauren Garroni snapping pics and dancer Tiffany Rae Mallari making the garments look extra etherial. Take a moment to investigate all that these inspirational ladies are doing, and remember to make time to pursue your own creative interests! If you live in LA, join us! If you don’t, maybe you can get inspired to start your own group. 🙂











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