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Baby Love

February 25, 2013


I know Christmas seems like ages ago already, but I’ve yet to catch you up on details of my holiday.  I went to Ontario, Canada to visit my nephew, Miles, who turned 1 last month!  Happy Birthday, Miles! As a Christmas gift to my sister and her husband, I brought along my trusty Minolta x-700 to shoot a few rolls of film of the little cutie.  Of course, halfway through the roll of film, my camera decided to stop advancing so I was only able to take a few.  When I got home I learned that it was just dirty batteries!  Note to everyone shooting analog: take your batteries out and clean them!  Then I finished off the roll (Kodak Portra, my fave for shooting color) with images from my lovely neighborhood.  I thought I’d share the results with all of you!  And I’m proud to say these images are totally unedited.  Film is so much more magical than any Instagram filter!  Also, isn’t my nephew the sweetest?!








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  1. March 6, 2013 5:07 pm

    I love your pictures! I hope film photography will not die

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