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Lomo Love

January 10, 2013


Lomography is definitely having a moment, and although new technology in photo editing software/applications can make it super easy to achieve the look of cameras like the Holga and Diana with a digital image, many photo enthusiasts (myself included!) continue to be excited about creating analog images that still offer an element of surprise in the development process.

Cameras like the aforementioned Holga and Diana have been popularized for their fixed lenses and side-effect of allowing light to leak into their cheap, plastic bodies.  The resulting aesthetic is totally unpredictable, and sometimes surprisingly and oddly beautiful.  Other types of Lomo cameras include Fisheye, Oktomat, and Sprocket Rocket (among many others) and the practice may also include experimental processing and specialty film.  There are now several Lomography storefronts (one here in Los Angeles) as well as shops like Urban Outfitters who sell Lomo cameras and accessories.

On a recent trip to San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, some fellow photo-loving friends and I experimented with Fisheye and Diana cameras.  The Lomo playtime also reminded me to process an old roll of 120 film from my Holga, used in an old shoot with Miss Jack Diaz.  To fit the theme, I thought I’d share with you some of the highlights of those rolls of film.  These images are totally unedited, though I might play with some a bit later. 🙂  Hope you’re inspired to try a little Lomo love yourself!













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