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Meowdy, Partner!

December 15, 2012


I am so predictable.  Several months ago, my good friend Eve Sturges of The Magpie List asked me if I’d yet been to a new store in nearby Los Feliz called Meowdy.  I had not.  She went on to explain that Meowdy contains many things cat: crocheted wall-hangings of cats, Garfield phones, cat sweatshirts, etc.  They also carry many things vintage: said cat items, shoes, books, puzzles, jewelry, home goodies, jean jackets, jumpsuits, dresses, and more.  Eve knows me well, and of course Meowdy is everything I wanted it to be.  As I love giving vintage for Christmas, and the entirety of my family shares my affinity for cats (between my mom, sister, and I, we have 6!), it seemed like an obvious place to hunt for presents.  While there I stopped and chatted with the adorable owner Mikie.  What did we chat about?  Do I even need to tell you?  Ironically enough, Mikie doesn’t have a cat of her own but she excitedly showed me pictures of her neighbor’s cat, Sinatra, and let me indulge in showing her pictures of my own Robot and Sancha. Here’s a few of the goodies the store has to offer, though they are always getting in fabulous new/old things!  Stop by if you get a chance and feel free to share cat pics with Mikie!


If my sister Brittany would even remotely consider putting my nephew, Miles, in this vintage chenille baby sweater, I would have scooped it right up! But alas, he’s more into Polo gear 😉


Vintage 35mm cameras & velvet unicorn paintings!


I mean…what’s not to love?!


A rainbow of pretty vintage pumps!


I do not endorse smoking, but these would be great little decorative accents!


For someone constantly losing/breaking their sunnies, these $10 cuties are the perfect solution!


If Santa got me an espresso machine, these vintage cups would be perfect for drinking cappuccinos!


Meowdy in a nutshell! 🙂

*Meowdy is located at 1939 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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