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Secrets of a Stylist

September 3, 2012

Hey, look at me zhuzhing up rapper Stevie Crooks on another shoot for Bunch Magazine!  With increasing styling work lately, I thought a great idea for a post would be to share tips I’ve learned that anyone could use.  I promise these things won’t cost you a lot of money, and are pretty simple for even the most uncoordinated folks.

And speaking of Bunch, we’re getting so close to finishing the inaugural issue!  Click the link above for some preview photos and any upcoming info on the magazine and be sure to follow @BunchMag on Twitter!  I’ve also included some more photos below from behind the scenes of recent Bunch shoots to further whet your appetite.  Here’s hoping you find this list as useful as I have! Happy styling!

1) Make a kit!  I have a kit.  Mine is a pink, vintage Samsonite caddy.  Some stylists have little tool boxes or briefcases or suitcases even and we might fill them with everything from duct tape to Altoids.  With every job I can easily think of a ton of other weird things that might help for next time, but for at home purposes, your “kit” can be a lot simpler.  You can use a little makeup bag that could fit in your purse, or keep a small case in your trunk or glove box!  Some things I would suggest for your kit would be:

Tide pen.  You can find tiny ones in the travel-size section of a drug store

Safety pins.  These you can find anywhere.  Try to find a package that contains a variety of sizes for different purposes.  I’m always in need of a safety pin to quickly fix a rip or hole, adjust a neckline, hide an undergarment, or hold something in place!

Lint roller.  Again, they have tiny ones of these in the travel-size section.  I have two cats, so these are a must-have.

Small sewing kit.  This one probably doesn’t need an explanation.

Top Stick.  Top Stick is a brand of double-sided tape for fabric.  If you can’t find that brand, go to a fabric store and make sure to ask for a double-stick tape ONLY for fabric.  If you get regular double-sided tape, you’ll never get it off.  This stuff is a godsend for hiding a bra strap, keeping a garment in place, and generally avoiding wardrobe malfunctions!  Let’s just say, when J.Lo wore that green Versace dress to the Grammy’s, she couldn’t have done it without Top Stick.

Dryer sheets.  A small bottle of Static Guard works, too, but rubbing a dryer sheet on clothes that are getting a little static clingy will do the trick well.  The texture of the sheet is also good for rubbing off deodorant marks.  I prefer non-scented, but you might like a little pick-me-up scent!  Just stash a few sheets in your “kit.”

Super Glue.  A few months ago, one of the vintage sandals I was wearing at the flea market broke in three different places.  I basically had to shuffle out of there to avoid having to walk to my car barefoot!  Now I constantly carry Super Glue for such emergencies.

Heel/Toe pads.  Ones that go inside the shoe, and ones that go on the bottom of the shoe.  Get both.  You never know when you’re going to have a shoemergency.

Wrinkle-release spray.  You can also find small travel versions of this and Febreeze and Downy make verisons.  You spray it on, tug on the fabric, and smooth out wrinkles in times that an iron is just not possible.

2) Get yourself a steamer.  Speaking of times when an iron isn’t possible, a steamer can solve tricky wrinkle problems in even delicate fabrics and the steam can get into every nook and cranny for even the most problematic garment!  I’m obsessed with my steamer and probably use it daily.  Steamers come in a variety of prices, and I will pass on the advice my friend/styling mentor Jade Suazo gave me:  don’t buy a cheap one.  Trust me, you’re going to use this, so spend a little (but not too much!) on one.  Mine was about $60 from Target.  It has a tank for water and an adjustable pole with a hook to hang your garment.  It also breaks down into parts for easy travel.  I don’t recommend the small, hand-held ones.

3)  Carry a back-up.  This isn’t always possible, but try to bring options when you can.  If you have a car, always keep a few things in it that you might need to transition your outfit.  Plain black flats are good to have handy and so are a pair of neutral heels.  That way if the pumps you’re wearing are killing you, you can switch to the flats!  Or if you suddenly decide to go grab a drink and feel too casual, throw on your heels!  Other items to consider stashing in the car include a denim or leather jacket (you might go somewhere cold!), a big, pretty scarf (throw it on anything to look more chic), some eye-catching jewelry (also something to throw over anything and seem totally put-together no matter where you’re coming from).  It’s also good to have these kinds of items when traveling to make the most out of whatever else you bring.

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  1. petasvintageblog permalink
    September 29, 2012 2:38 am

    I love your tips! Theyre great x

    • September 29, 2012 4:03 pm

      @peta Thank you for reading! I will keep them coming! 🙂

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