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Summer Times

July 9, 2012

Summer is officially in full swing, as evidenced by the nearly 90 degree day in Pasadena at the trusty Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Despite having to battle horrifying parking (ugh), claustrophobia, and near dehydration (okay, the last two were over dramatized), my trip to the flea inspired me to share with all of you some of my favorite things for the summer.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get an horchata, drink three sips, and then be over it because I can’t handle much more than that even though it’s soooo good.

Short, peach nails.  I almost never paint my fingernails but this color was so sweet without being too girly or too “look at me.”

Words and sounds.  I’ve been reading a lot of poetry lately and it doesn’t get much better than William Carlos Williams.  I also picked up some CD’s (yes, I still buy CD’s) at Amoeba for those summer drives.  I’m sure the Beach House and Best Coast records are good, but honestly I can’t turn Fiona Apple’s latest off long enough to listen to anything else yet.

(Used sparingly, of course) Nautical stuff.  I’m pretty sure that even if I was allergic to shellfish (totally not) I would still want this claw-cracker.

Desert life.  The fact that this necklace was probably previously worn by a 70-year old lady in Arizona only makes me love it more.

Cool and sweet.  Shortly after this picture was taken I was presented with an Espresso Chip shake that was bigger than my head.  I am so lucky this place (Pazzo Gelato) is a stone’s throw away from where I live.

Jewels of the Nile.  The summer is pretty much the only time to get away with a snake arm band with rhinestone eyes.  Cleopatra is never a bad style influence as long as you choose only one or two elements inspired by her at a time.

Basket case.  I want to stash everything in handmade baskets like these: magazines, towels, throws blankets.  I’m dying for a giant, lidded one for my laundry.

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  1. July 9, 2012 12:59 pm

    LOVE it LOVE SUMMAH! espresso shake? yes please.

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