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Hey, Four-Eyes!

June 10, 2012

I’ve always been obsessed with glasses.  My mom has worked in optometry offices since I was born, and  I remember visiting her there and playing dress-up with all the fancy frames.  I wanted this lavender wire-rimmed Benetton pair so badly I tried to fail my eye test on purpose just to get them.  My mom was onto my scheme and I never got those glasses, but years later we discovered I am actually far-sighted with astigmatism, so glasses have become something more functional.  But who said function and fashion can’t go together?  I’m currently shopping for a new pair (I never wore my old ones and now I need a stronger prescription!) and because I love the look of 1950’s/1960’s styles, I thought it was the perfect topic for a Sally Lou post!  Along with looking at vintage images online, I also checked out two local optical boutiques: Hotel De Ville, which has actual deadstock vintage frames as well as contemporary throw-back brands like Moscot, and Gogosha which carries independent brands, many of which are vintage-inspired.  Below are some of the inspiration images from my research as well as some shots from my shopping excursion.



Hotel de Ville



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