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I Make Party

May 26, 2012

Among the many benefits of doing wardrobe for Feeding Mr. Baldwin (check out this post of you have no idea to what I am referring and stay tuned for updates on that project!), a major one was meeting such talented folks.  I got the opportunity recently to work with two of them again as I assisted dressing a house in  mid-century fashion for a private party.  Our amazing art director from the film was Allison and I had let her know I’d be interested in helping out on a job sometime to see what production design was all about.  When one of the producers and actors of Feeding Mr. Baldwin, Anil Margsahayam, hired Allison to design for a party hosted by his supper club/event planning/catering company Stag Dining Group, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Here are a few shots from of the space (pre-guest arrival!) which took place at the Fitzpatrick/Leland House in Laurel Canyon (designed by acclaimed mid-century architect Rudolph Schindler) and used some gorgeous furniture rented from Silver Lake’s The Living Room.  The theme of the party was inspired by LACMA’s current California Design, 1930-1965: “Living in a Modern Way” exhibition.  Check out this incredible collection if you are able and give Stag Dining Group a holler for all your LA/SF party planning needs!

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