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Making Movies!

April 21, 2012

As you may know, I’ve been doing more and more wardrobe styling and recently got the amazing opportunity to style for the feature film, Feeding Mister Baldwin.  The dark comedy, directed by Will Prescott, features a ton of quirky characters so I got to play with wardrobe a good bit.  A foul-mouthed door-to-door knife salesman in a pastel argyle sweater and polo shirt, a dead woman wrapped in increasingly unraveling gauze, twin Ladybirds (think girl scouts) selling cookies in full uniform, a creepy neighbor in a turtleneck and tweed, elbow-patched jacket, and an agent investigating human trafficking in an outdated (but sooooo awesome) 1970’s navy suit are just some of the characters with whom I got to play dress up.  Utilizing a combination of rentals from a studio costume house, vintage and thrift shopping, borrowing from very generous friends’ closets,  and a few off the rack items from department and chain stores, I assembled the variety of different looks.

The experience so far has been incredible and I am so proud to say I got to do costumes for such a hilarious movie with such a talented cast and crew.  I can’t wait to give all you guys more details about the movie, but for now here are some shots from the set!  Hope you love. 🙂

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