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Cookin’ Pretty

April 1, 2012

My regular readers will know of my quest for lovely vintage cookware, and I’m here to update you on my latest kitchen acquisitions.  For Christmas, my thoughtful Mama and stepdad Gary found me this 2-quart, vintage Le Creuset dutch oven.  Last year, I got my sister and her husband a similar one from the flea market and I have been kicking myself for parting with it ever since!  Well, now Jessica and I can both cook in style!  The flame-colored, cast iron pot is small, but convenient for cooking petite portions for one or two.  There are a few chips in the enamel, but that’s to be expected for older cookware.  How cute will it be when I show up with this little beauty at a dinner party, filled with Israeli couscous or some other yummy thing?!

You already know about my love for Dansk Kobenstyle stuff, so imagine my excitement when I found this bright red, large dutch oven at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for $15!  A steal!  The only catch is that it looks like it was a little aggressively scraped at the bottom, exposing some of the metal.  After some practice boiling water in it, it seems like no enamel is chipping off, and it should be safe to cook with.  Notice how the lid becomes the perfect trivet  for when you want to take your dish from the stovetop straight to the table!

Now on my wishlist, a vintage Le Creuset grill pan, a great teak salad bowl set, and a cast-iron terrine.  Wish me happy hunting!

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