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Stylin’ & Profilin’

February 2, 2012

This weekend I got the opportunity to help my friend and talented wardrobe stylist Jade (of Fauna Vintage) pull some clothes for an upcoming video for British band, Dry the River.  Jade has been showing me the ropes and I have assisted her on a few gigs lately.  For this video we had the task of finding 1950’s garden party dresses, Eskimo gear, prep school boy uniforms, and other kooky getups.  I can’t divulge much about the video, directed by the very talented Raul B. Fernandez, but suffice it to say  I’ll be looking forward to sharing the end result with you when it’s complete!  Below are a few shots from our day at the costume house and one from my visit to the set.

And speaking of music videos…remember my post about working on wardrobe for Noah and the Megafauna‘s “Liquid Modernity”?  Well now you can see Jade and my handiwork!  Everyone on this shoot was so talented and fantastic to work with, it really shows in the end result.  Props to Travis Knight and his directorial skills!  And please check out Noah and the Megafauna for more sweet tunes. 🙂

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