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Vintage Babe: Charlotte Rampling

December 16, 2011

British actress Charlotte Rampling isn’t a “vintage babe” because she is beautiful in the expected, accepted sense.  I’m giving her this title because she is smart, chooses roles that are provocative and thoughtful, and has a daring sexuality and physical attractiveness that is better described as severe than conventional.  Perhaps it is for this reason that she has mused filmmakers and artists alike.

While Rampling appeared in several memorable films such as The Knack…And How to Get It and Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories in her earlier career, she may have been viewed more as a style icon and sex symbol until her career made a resurgence in the new millennium showcasing her brilliant talent in movies like Swimming Pool and more recently Life During Wartime and Melancholia (not that she ever stopped being a sex symbol!).

Photographers like Juergen Teller and Helmut Newton have been inspired to capture her beauty in images, and now the former has joined forces with Peter Lindbergh (among others) for the documentary/biographical feature Charlotte Rampling: The Look  which examines both her body of work and iconic persona.  Check out the trailer below as well as some of Charlotte’s photographic hits through the years.  Total “thinking man’s” babe.  🙂












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