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June 14, 2011

When I first spotted these vintage Sperry Topsiders at the Wasteland’s Melrose location, I showed them to my bf and said, “Are these hideous?”  Even after getting affirmation from him to the contrary (“They’re cute as hell!”), purchasing them, and getting countless compliments, I still kinda feel that they straddle the line between ugly and adorable.  I’m kinda in love with their quirks (that weird little heel!). What do you guys think?  I’ve also been searching for some shoes that are more foot-friendly for when I have to be walking or standing for long periods of time and they’re pretty great for that purpose.

You know I have been dying to collect this vintage pink Samsonite luggage?  Well I found this mint condition vanity case from the set for a measly $15 at the Rose Bowl Flea Market this past Sunday!  It’s like a more chic Caboodle for all my toiletries and beauty doodads (as my sister would say.)  It also could serve another purpose…

…did I mention I have been interning as a wardrobe stylist?  Thanks to my always-fab friend Jade of Fauna Vintage (check out my guest blog post for her blog here!), who is a very talented stylist, I’ve gotten to help out on a few music videos lately!  This vanity case could also make the perfect kit to hold any styling paraphernalia for future shoots!  And Jade has the blue version!  We can match next time if I’m lucky enough to work with her again! 😉  Click here to see how she puts it all together.

Of course, like all things vintage, Robot loves it, too.

And finally, remember how I was looking for the perfect coffee mug/pencil cup for my desk?  Well I may have found it at an adorable Parisian themed boutique on a recent trip to Chicago to visit my family?  P.O.S.H. had an entire blog post’s worth of cute stuff but I only left with this cute little ceramic mug.  It speaks the truth!

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