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Dream Weaver

February 17, 2011

Southwestern decor…like many things…is one of those design aesthetics that can slip quickly from “wow” territory to “waaaaay too much.” A little bit looks worldly and warm with that 1970s look I adore, but too many accents in too many places and suddenly your place is one Georgia O’Keefe print away from looking like a cheesy Sedona, AZ motel.  A great piece to have is a Navajo-style blanket/rug.  I had been dyyyy-ing to find the perfect one to accent my living room.  We have a harwood floor and a lot of dark furniture and decorative pieces, so I thought something colorful and ethnic would really make the room pop.  These blankets are very easy to find at flea markets here in California, but still can be quite pricey.  I was looking forward to finding one at last week’s Rose Bowl Flea Market (which happens only once a month in Pasadena), but alas bad traffic and a lack of time kept me from making it :(.  Thankfully, the uber stylish Dabito of Old Brand New went and found me the perfect rug with a few simple requirements from me: light in color, big enough for the sitting area of the living room, and under $75!  Dabito and our friend Kim’s haggling skills won me the rug for a measly $60! Below I’ve posted some design ideas I’ve pulled where Navajo is smartly used and at the bottom you’ll find pictures of my whimsical new rug! Enjoy!

At the foot of the bed, or tossed over a piece of furniture, these rugs make you look like a total world traveler!


A few touches really warm up this minimal space


Mixed with bold mid-century pieces, the look is eclectic and funky!


This vintage LA Times photo features the perfect Navajo gypsy den! Can I move in?


A well placed pillow or pair of antlers can be a fantastic touch!



If you’re leery, grab a vintage Navajo design book for the coffee table! Just a touch of the pattern creates a great POP!


And here are some snaps of my new rug (and my baby Robot!) The kooky design with funny little animals is all I never knew I always wanted! Photos by Dab Ito. 🙂


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  1. Zeb permalink
    February 17, 2011 10:54 pm

    I can’t believe what a steal that rug was. JealousX10.

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