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International Delights: Late 1970’s Japan

January 28, 2011

Japanese stuff always just seems cooler, so of course the country’s vintage scene is no exception.  Admittedly I’m no expert on the subject, but after stumbling across a few gems from Japan’s late 1970’s pop culture my interest has been piqued.  Thus, I’ve decided to introduce a new recurring Sally Lou post: International Delights.  These posts will explore the idea of vintage from other areas of the world, starting with Japan.

The videos below examine two kinds of media from Japan during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  First is Pink Lady, a female pop duo consisting of Mitsuyo (Mie) Nemoto and Keiko (Kei) Masuda. In 1980, America capitalized on their success as sexy, disco-era Japanese pop idols and they were given an NBC variety show called Pink Lady and Jeff with American comedian Jeff Altman.  The show combined their musical performances with sketch comedy.  Sadly, this venture was short lived as Mie and Kei struggled with their extremely limited knowledge of the English language.  As you can see from the footage below, it still made for some pretty good entertainment, particularly with their cheeky, glitzy, 1970’s era wardrobe.

And check out the ladies with 1970’s icon Hugh Hefner in a wild musical number!

Next we have House (or Hausu), a Japanese horror film from 1977.  Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, the film recieved negative reviews in its home country, but has now acheived cult status since its 2009 release in America due to its psychedellic look and purposely naive special effects.  Check out the trailer and a particularly kooky scene below!

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