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My Kind of Christmas

December 14, 2010

Someone asked me the other day, “Are you a Christmas person?” and I have to confess my answer was “no.”  I’ve never been someone filled with the holiday spirit.  Since living on my own I’ve never bought and decorated a tree, I can’t stand holiday music, and I’m probably the last one to the egg nog bowl.  Then again maybe it’s just the traditional holiday rituals that never quite tickled my fancy.  On last weekend’s double dose of shopping (first at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, then at the Renegade Craft Fair with my cohort David of Old Brand New) somewhere amid the vintage and handmade Christmas paraphernalia, I got the vision for the kind of holiday scene I could really get into.  Here are a few of the inspirational pretties I saw.  Who knows?  Maybe it will give you too some ideas to fill your space with Christmas cheer!

For a small space like mine, these cute little trees would be perfect.  I especially love the 1950s-style silver kind!

I caught this little beauty at The Frantic Meerkat‘s booth at the Renegade Craft fair. Not very boy-friendly, but then again what do they know? 🙂

I totally adore the idea of decorating a tiny tree with vintage faux fruit like the little bunches of lemons and oranges on this one.

Whether you have a real or fake, miniature or 6-foot tree, lovely little ornaments can make all the difference in making yours unique.

These little birdies are handmade by Cathy of California.

And for the whimsical set, how about these fuzzy critters made by Cheryl Cambras? Adorbs!

And instead of the Precious Moments nativity scene or tacky plush Santa Claus, a few well-placed vintage objet d’art can set the mood with nostalgic but subtle charm. This 1950’s dining set with tablescape was too good not to photograph.

And can you believe this little nutcracker? A total original!

The Renaissance-y angel box could be left out to hold holiday cards, gift trimmings, etc.

And lastly, if decorating really isn’t your bag, at least consider the power of a cute holiday card.  It’s an easy way flex some design muscle while offering your friends and family warm wishes.  Try supporting struggling artists by buying some handmade ones, like these from Sass & Peril.  The cat looks just like my precious Robot!

Happy Holiday-ing!

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