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Big Sister

November 28, 2010

I’ve been known to have a bit of “mother worship” (see my first blog post), but the truth is, she’s not the only stylish member of my family.  My oldest sister Jessica has long served as a source of fashion inspiration as someone who’s style continues to evolve as well as a woman who has an appreciation for the art and the history of fashion.  Such an appreciation, which started at a very young age as Jessica pored over Elle magazines, has led her to her latest endeavor.  Already a recipient of a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature, she is going back to school after having been selected for MassArt‘s fashion design certification program! Yay!

I thought Jessica’s style evolution was the perfect focus of a post considering the latest circumstances.  You see, looking back I realize how ahead of the curve she was.  Pictured here on the far left, Jessica’s distressed metallic booties, asymmetrical top, and leggings could be seen on any on-trend hipster.  And to think we doubted her!

Through high school, Jessica experimented with a “goth lite” phase that cultivated her signature color black and a significant interest in history and costumes led her into early forays of vintage exploration.  Hello leopard coat! I need to find out what she did with this one….

Presently, Jessica exhibits a style most influenced by another passion of hers, foreign films.  Her love of Brigitte Bardot and Anna Karina created a penchant for pencil skirts and stripey boatneck tops or clingy cardigans. Also her home in the slightly more buttoned-up city of Boston only further encourages a wardrobe full of ladylike staples like front-tie blouses, albeit with with vixen-y flair.  Think Mad Men’s Joan with a kick of Dita Von Teese.  But its not all vintage.  Jessica loves designs by Marc Jacobs and Nanette Lapore.  Here’s just a taste of her sweet style!

I can say I pride myself on encouraging Jessica to purchase a totally amazing snow leopard cape at Shareen Vintage while visiting me here in LA.  So maybe I can have some kind of effect on her style as well…even in my modest way 😉

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  1. Emily O'Halloran permalink
    November 29, 2010 7:50 am

    Love this! You’re so great!

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