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November 19, 2010

This is my friend David.  I should say, my disgustingly stylish friend David.  My adorable partner in Jenny Lewis-worshiping, Polaroid picture-taking, yummy food-eating, and vintage decor-loving.  He totally takes the cake with the latter category, as you can see on his stunning interior design blog, Old Brand New.  If you’re the jealous sort, you might not want to check out his site (just kidding, check it out anyway!) as the overwhelming feelings of “I want that!” and “That is ahhhh-mazing!” while looking at images of his own gorgeously decorated pad might make you spontaneously combust.

David recently asked to feature my own humble home on Old Brand New, a request I found both totally flattering and utterly intimidating!  I can’t compare to his airy, well-edited, mid-century-meets-contemporary living space!  I agreed to the idea, but on my own terms: David and I will venture to the Melrose Trading Post this weekend where he will help me find a few items to re-vamp my current living quarters.  Some goals? To switch out some of my wall art (too knick-knacky), warm up the bedroom, and add a few more masculine touches to a decidedly over-feminized apartment.  I briefly checked out last week’s Rose Bowl Flea Market for some inspiration.  Here are some odds and ends I’m loving…




Ok, David! I hope you’re ready for a mini overhaul! Stay tuned, everyone, for the debut of my upgraded casita! Wish us flea market luck! xo

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  1. November 19, 2010 9:59 pm

    I’m ready! Let’s do this, baby Tibbits!

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