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Hollywood Tricks and Vintage Treats

November 8, 2010

Years ago before moving to Los Angeles, I planned a visit here during Halloween.  Inspired by some lovely little 1950s chiffon, floral aprons  at a local vintage shop in my former home of Milwaukee, I decided to be a Stepford wife, complete with circle skirt and crinoline,  cardigan, wig, cat-eye frames, rounded two-tone pumps, and a feather duster.  Imagine my surprise when I was whisked away to a club in Hollywood by a white stretch Hummer filled with girls dressed in different versions of hookers (sexy pirate, sexy secretary, pin-up…), all of which included not much more than fishnet stockings, frilly panties, and a bustier.  Suddenly I was painfully aware of my preference of vintage clothing over exhibitionism.

The thing is, vintage can be sexy too! It is also an incredible (and often CHEAP!) way to transform into another character.  This year, once again, I looked to vintage to become my Halloween inspiration: Faye Dunway as Bonnie in Bonnie and Clyde.

Tell me she wasn’t as sexy as anyone in fishnets and a bustier!  Here’s my version:

…and with my co-worker Lloyd doing his best Warren Beatty as Clyde 🙂

Did I mention I got nearly 90% of my costume (fur shawl, cardigan, suede gloves, beret, plaid wool skirt) mere hours before having to don it at a Halloween party? God bless Stephanie, my vintage guru, from Squaresville in Los Angeles who helped me find all the pieces and offered this sage advice, “I think you should wear these clothes all the time.” Well, Stephanie, this blog’s for you because I decided to show how costume pieces can easily become part of your everyday wardrobe when it’s vintage.  Mix and match and please have some FUN with it! Here’s how I tried to incorporate some of my favorite pieces into everyday wear.

A little re-positioning of the beret…with my natural ‘do!

My friend Sarah models the plaid skirt with a cute white blouse

…and I try throwing the fur collar over an old Urban Outfitters leopard cardy! What a new life it has!

See, not so scary (pun not intended)! And it sure beats the hell out of trying to figure out how to make those ruffled bloomers from your “Pirate Hooker” costume appropriate for day wear, don’t you think?

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