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Designing Woman: Savita Ostendorf

October 29, 2010

I wanna be Savita when I grow up.  True, she’s only about 3 years older than me but it’s still a worthwhile goal.  Savita is a former co-worker, a neighbor, and a great friend of mine.  As a graphic designer and all-around creative person, she has also been of great help to me (she even designed the Sally Lou logo!).

For her business, Savita Design, Ms. Ostendorf scours media for inspirational aesthetics: vintage photographs, unqiue typography, color stories, etc. Here are some samples of her amazing work.

Her blog also highlights some of her creative projects outside work, like her newest venture, Closed on Mondays, a floating, fund-raising prix fixe dinner to benefit local food initiatives.  Both sites have great eye candy (per Savita’s lovely photography skills) and are totally deserving of your attention. 🙂

Did I mention Savita is pregnant? Now she can also add “mom” to her laundry list of titles and accomplishments.  She and her husband, Ravi, are expecting a baby boy around  the holiday season and I was thrilled when the soon-to-be mama asked me to take some belly-baring photos of her gorgeous and expanding new bod.  Here’s a sample of our photoshoot, taken near Savita and Ravi’s Silverlake hills home.  Savita makes even pregnancy look chic and easy!


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