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Hello, Dolly!

October 16, 2010

The first time I encountered a Blythe Doll, a fashion doll created in the 1970s and repopularized in the last decade, was at my very fashion-foward sister’s apartment.  I can’t lie; I was equally frightened and intrigued by the giant-headed, doe-eyed toys which of late have been styled better than some of their owners style themselves.

During a recent bout of  “Google Image-ing” (my newest favorite pastime), I  checked out the impressive plethora of get-ups and hairdos some Blythe afficonados have modeled on these plastic little icons.

Always a fan of the “doll” aesthetic, I found much inspiration in the tiny beauties.  Bangs, falsies, rosy cheeks, chic outfits with perfect accessories? What’s not to love? I even found my very own Blythe doppleganger! See the similarities? 🙂

Here’s Grey Gardens Blythe…love!


Loving Blythe’s heavy blonde bangs and cozy grey hoodie!


Sort of a red-haired, Joanna Newsom Blythe


Winter White Blythe–YES to the angora hat!


Coco Chanel Blythe!


I love this rocker chick version’s tousled ‘do!


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