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Mad About (Pendleton) Plaid

December 18, 2013


This was going to be a post of all the things I want for winter in terms of my wardrobe and home decor, then I realized my list was strangely focused on one thing: plaid. The tried-and-true pattern was a huge runway trend and has long-been a closet classic. My quest naturally led me to the brand nearly synonymous with “plaid,” Pendleton. The company, which began its business with Indian Trade blankets in Pendleton, Oregon 1909, is still making the plaid staples (wool blankets, flannel shirts) that popularized their brand. They even partnered with high-end retailer Opening Ceremony a few years back. While Pendleton is still cranking out new versions of their best-loved pieces, for this post I’ll be focusing on their vintage ones. Vintage Pendleton is easy to find at thrift stores and flea markets (with a little digging) as well as more recently in more high end, well edited resale shops. The best part? They’re usually pretty affordable, too. I did a little e-surfing to find the items I’m most craving to satisfy my winter plaid fantasy and thought I’d share with you. Hope you all enjoy & happy holidays!

Halloween Dream

October 21, 2013


It’s been a few years since I dressed up for Halloween, which is a real shame because I love an excuse to play dress-up! You might remember my post about dressing up as Faye Dunaway’s Bonnie and in recent years I’ve also been Janet from Three’s Company, a stepford wife, and Amy Winehouse. As my history shows, I’m not always concerned with finding the sexiest costume.  As a stylist, it’s so much more fun for me to transform into a character and as I plan for the impending holiday in just a little more than a week, I’m looking to film once again as a source of inspiration. Here are a few ideas I’ve had that I’ll share with all of you! I always try to think of costumes I can create without spending much money, and I often utilize my neighborhood thrift stores. It’s so much cheaper and more authentic looking than buying a ready-made one. I also like any reason to wear a wig so costumes that involve one are always extra appealing to me! Again, you don’t need to spend a lot; you can cut, style, or dye/paint a basic wig to get it closer to the look you need. Along with my list below, I’ve outlined what essentials each character would need.  I hope you’re inspired by these ideas and have a fun, safe, and creative Halloween!

Dawn Wiener


I have wanted to be Dawn, the main character in Welcome to the Dollhouse for so long now but have yet to have it come to fruition. If I can find the perfect ensemble at my favorite local vintage store, it’s totally on this year. I’m looking for:

-giant ball hair tie

-cropped peasant top

-bright colored pedal pushers

-thick glasses

Then I’ll make sure I have this move down by heart.

Spring Breakers chick



So…about what I said about not liking sexy costumes. The revealing aspect of this one is the least interesting part it. Moreso I was just so obsessed with this movie and the iconic, totally memorable  moments and characters it had. To totally nail it, you’d need:


-great abs/butt (optional)

-high top sneakers

-pink ski mask

-iron-on unicorn patch

-fake shotgun (optional)

-knowing all the words to Britney’s “Everytime” (please see below)

Annie Hall

Annie Hall + Diane Keaton + menswear 6


A quintessential character when you talk about influential wardrobe in film. This one’s easy but try to find pieces  that feel 1970’s or you could end up looking like any girl in boy drag. Look for:

-a great felt hat. Specifically, Annie’s had a wider brim and a rounded top

-wide legged pants

-white button down shirt


-fitted vest

Little Edie



If you’ve seen Grey Gardens, you know how chock-full of fashion opportunities it is in terms of Halloween costumes. Little Edie was an unorthodox fashion icon with a chic-ness that defied her dilapidated surroundings. There are so many versions of Edie, but in my opinion the best has:

-a head wrap/shirt-over-head

-a fur coat

-turtleneck top

-makeshift short skirt (showing a good amount of leg)

Here just take advice straight from the horse’s mouth…

Cher Horowitz 

clueless 6


She may have been “a virgin who can’t drive,” but Cher has also become iconic for her 1990’s Contempo Casuals style. In fact, Katy Perry is (badly) ripping it off as we speak. Don’t worry about copying Cher’s exact yellow plaid suit and focus on nabbing these items to really get her essence:

-white thigh-highs

-mary janes

-short plaid or argyle skirt

-fuzzy cropped sweater or sweater vest over button down shirt

-flip phone (optional)

Alabama Whitman


Patricia Arquette’s character in True Romance is a natural choice. Her look was so fun and distinctive! Plus I would need a wig for this one! Bonus! So many fun pieces but I’d focus on:

-leopard leggings

-super wide belt

-bright colored bra (no top over it)

-bright colored sunglasses

-bright colored heels

-red lipstick

-cigarette (optional)

Fall Wish List

September 8, 2013


Let’s talk fall because I’m so sick of summer already! That said, many of the items on my wish list are with Southern California’s fall weather in mind, and may not be seasonally appropriate for your climate. Below are some of the things I’m on the lookout for, and am already daydreaming of wearing for my mid-October trip to Santa Fe and Taos, or strolling in on breezier afternoons and evenings.


Before you immediately leave this page after seeing the B-word above, just listen to me for a sec. Birkenstocks are seriously making a comeback. Giambattista Valli’s new show featured some cool, black and metallic studded versions and labels like Celine (fur-lined!) and Houghton have partnered with the brand to make hip, modern versions of the hippie staple. Birkenstock themselves are also constantly adding new styles, materials, and colors to their classics to keep up with the times. Hell, these comfy slip ons have even been spotted on the fashion forward feet of celebs like Heidi Klum and Mary Kate Olsen. Besides all that, they’re heaven for your feet and I can’t think of many things less fashionable or sexy than bunions.





Birkenstock Chania Womens Sandals 810 Griege










Printed Palazzo Pants


WARNING! Do not attempt to combine the aforementioned footwear with this style of pants unless:


-You are a tall, thin supermodel.

-You don’t mind wearing unflattering things.

-You follow the tips below


Okay, now that that’s out of the way let’s talk palazzo pants. If you’re not of Amazonian height, there’s a risk of these making you look shorter and wider. The best way to avoid this is having them tailored to perfection. They should be high-waisted so the smallest part of you is highlighted (if you’re apple-shaped, maybe avoid this pant altogether) and therefore the voluminous leg will be balanced. Also, they should not be longer than just skimming the ground. To get maximum leg length they should fall exactly there: not cropped, and not dragging on the ground. If you only plan to wear them in heels make sure to bring your favorite pair to the tailor with you for an accurate measurement. They should fall just shy of being able to be stepped on.  An ideal pair will also be more narrow in the butt and hip area to give a sense of your shape, and be of a thin, flowy material like silk verses something stiff and bulky like polyester, which can add volume.il_fullxfull.484938490_5qbo








Vintage Denim Jacket

So much easier said than done. I can’t tell you what I’m looking for or what you should look for in the perfect denim jacket, only that I believe when I put it on, I’ll know. I do know that for my small frame something too oversized won’t work, but I don’t mind a little slouchiness for an easy vibe.
















At the Movies: End of Summer Round-up

September 5, 2013


It’s like 90 degrees in Los Angeles and by now I’ve got a tried-and-true list of ways to beat the heat:

1. Cold shower followed by air-drying in front of a fan pointed directly at you. (the poor woman’s A.C.)

2.  Gelato. Sorbet. Milk shakes. You get the idea.

3. Going to the movies.

#3 is what I’m gonna focus on. I should have been a film critic because I love movies so damned much and am so damned critical of them. It’s an exciting time of year because the summer blockbusters and throwaway films have nearly subsided and there are some fantastic films out now in theaters and on the horizon. Let’s discuss some of my recent faves and those I can’t wait to get my eyeballs on.

The Grandmaster

I’m not normally one for a kung fu movie, but I mean, Wong Kar Wai. Do I need to say anything else? The Chinese director of In the Mood For Love (one of my all-time best wardrobe flicks) and Chungking Express releases his first feature since the very mehhhh My Blueberry Nights.  The Grandmaster tells the story of Ip Man, the martial artist who mentored Bruce Lee. The American release of this film is also the director’s third cut so far, in this case made significantly shorter. Regardless of the length or changes from its original, I can say firsthand that this film has the stunning cinematography and romantic subtleties that are the director’s trademark when he’s at his best.


Short Term 12

Probably the best movie I’ve seen in months. Brie Larson, in all her “real girl” naturalism, gives a subtle but emotionally driven performance. Everything about this movie is great: casting of fresh faces and exceptional talent, beautiful camera work, raw and real subject matter, and clever storytelling. Go see it like…now.


Black Fish

This documentary examines how the alleged mistreatment of whales (and other marine life) at Sea World may have led to the death of one of their best trainers. Animal lovers (myself included) beware! The trailer has fully hooked me.



Yes, it looks mildly cheesy but any Brian De Palma flick (Scarface, The Untouchables, Carrie) is at least guaranteed to be entertaining, dramatic, and stylish to watch. Passion is the remake of a relatively contemporary French film which gives it another check mark in my “Reasons To See” box.



Getting Inspired…

August 3, 2013


Not everyone takes the opportunity to do something creative on a regular basis, and certainly I’ve gone through periods where I wasn’t prioritizing it high enough. This is why I’m so thankful to some new friends I’ve made who not only give me such opportunities, but whose own creative endeavors and talents have been keeping me totally inspired. My ladies at Bunch Magazine (for which I write and style) recently introduced me to a group called Inspired Women of LA, founded by local photographer Megan McIssac, which meets up to network and share ideas and creative energies. I have met so many talented ladies through this group who I’ve been lucky enough to work with lately on some really exciting projects! It’s been so fulfilling and I just have to share with you all! Here are some pictures from IWOLA’s second meeting at the newly reopened (and stunning!) new Echo Park Lake where we ate Fonuts, drank rosé wine out of jam jars, shared stories, and took about a zillion photos. The other photos are from two shoots I’ve styled (working alongside some ladies I’ve met through this circle), both of which featured clothing by amazing LA-based designer Jill Aiko Yee. The first was for Bunch (see the final product here)  and we worked with badass photographer Shanna Fisher and used energetic model/entrepreneur Jennifer Puno,  and the second, for Jill’s own press images, had Lauren Garroni snapping pics and dancer Tiffany Rae Mallari making the garments look extra etherial. Take a moment to investigate all that these inspirational ladies are doing, and remember to make time to pursue your own creative interests! If you live in LA, join us! If you don’t, maybe you can get inspired to start your own group. 🙂











Vintage Babe: Shelley Duvall

July 10, 2013

Shelley Duvall In '3 Women'

In honor of her recent 64th birthday (I know, right?!), I had to celebrate Shelley Duvall’s whimsical, perfectly imperfect babe-ness for the latest Vintage Babe installment. An idol to quirky girls everywhere, Miss Duvall shows us that a wiry body, saucer eyes, and gapped teeth — though not our impossible beauty standard — can be oh-so beautiful. Yay for uniqueness! Yay for Shelley! Happy Birthday, girl.



Shelley Duvall, 1977






A Study in Botany

July 7, 2013


Lately it seems like this has become a photo blog, but I assure you there are plenty more vintage posts on the way! I’ve been (slowly) working on a new story/collection of stories, lyrically inspired by the local landscape. I swear was never as excited by nature than seeing spring and summer in Los Angeles. I’ve been snapping so many photos to document this inspiration as well and thought it was about time to share with you all, particularly those of you who don’t live around these parts and know the beauty of jacarandas, bougainvillas, lemon and loquat trees. Enjoy my view. 🙂